eFFECTOR Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on pioneering the discovery and development of a new class of oncology drugs known as selective translation regulators (STRs). Translation is the process in cells whereby the synthesis of proteins is directed by information contained in genetic sequences. Each of our product candidates is designed to act on a single protein that regulates, in a coordinated manner, the expression of multiple functionally related proteins that together drive tumor cell proliferation and survival, and important biological processes such as immune, stress and inflammatory responses.

In cancer, the tightly controlled translation of certain messenger RNA (mRNA) frequently becomes dysregulated, leading to malignancy characterized by uncontrolled growth, immune evasion and metastasis. We believe that our therapeutic approach can restore the translational control of processes which tumors have hijacked for their benefit, while preserving normal cell function.

Translationally regulated processes can occur in tumor cells and immune cells and are important for the survival and growth of tumors, including evasion of the body’s immune system. By acting in tumor cells and/or immune cells, our product candidates have the potential to combine the benefits of multiple targeted therapies and/or immunotherapies in a single therapeutic agent.

eFFECTOR was founded in 2012 based on pioneering research in the laboratories of Drs. Davide Ruggero and Kevan Shokat and subsequently licensed proprietary applications of translational profiling technology from the University of California, San Francisco. The company’s scientific founders and management team comprise industry veterans who have played important roles in the discovery and development of marketed small molecule drugs and monoclonal antibody therapeutics in oncology and other disease areas.