eFFECTOR is pioneering the field of Selective Translation Regulator Inhibitors (STRIs). Transcription is the copying of DNA sequences into mRNA, whereas translation is the subsequent utilization of mRNA sequences to direct protein synthesis.

eFFECTOR’s translation regulation targets are at a key node where oncogenic signaling pathways converge to impact multiple complementary cancer growth and survival mechanisms.

The importance of translation regulation in disease is becoming increasingly recognized in the pharmaceutical industry, and we are at the forefront of developing novel approaches to cancer therapy focused on STRIs. Utilizing our proprietary selective translation regulation technology platform and expertise, we have developed an understanding of genes that are translationally upregulated in multiple tumor types. This has enabled us to identify specific points of therapeutic intervention that may have a meaningful clinical effect.


Our programs address three distinct targets central to the eIF4F translation initiation complex: eIF4A and eIF4E, and MNK, a kinase that activates the elF4F complex. Each of these targets regulates distinct sets of genes in cancer and immune cells.





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