What if we could deprive cancer of the burst of proteins it requires to grow and divide?

What if we could enable existing oncology therapies to work better?

And what if we could bring patients a fundamentally new approach to activating the immune system and fighting cancer?

At eFFECTOR Therapeutics, these are the questions we are dedicated to answering.

Who are the leaders paving a new way in oncology?

eFFECTOR is made up of industry veterans who have played crucial roles in drug discovery and development. But more importantly, we are a team that knows patients deserve more effective treatment options. And we believe these are within reach.

What are selective translation regulator inhibitors?

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Cancer is a complex, aggressive disease driven by multiple factors that propel uncontrolled growth and enable it to evolve to evade existing therapies.

We are pioneering a new class of cancer therapies called selective translational regulator inhibitors (STRIs) –designed to outsmart cancer’s complexity, create better outcomes for patients and block the production of many cancer-driving proteins simultaneously.

Interested in joining a team that’s working to outsmart cancer?

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Outsmarting one of the most complex diseases is something that requires rigor, creativity and an unrelenting, dynamic outlook.

These are the types of skillsets and mentalities you can expect to find at eFFECTOR Therapeutics. Interested in becoming a part of it?